{CBB 39} Working Through Overwhelm

Episode 39: Working Through Overwhelm | Creative Business Breakdown Podcast

Being a business owner can feel like riding a rollercoaster: sometimes you’re on top of the world with your hands in the air, and other times, you’re flying down a steep hill holding on for dear life.

At this moment in our business, we’re feeling the latter, and in this episode, we’re getting real about our current challenges. We talk through how we’re dealing with overwhelm, especially when it comes to our mindset.


If you’re going through a difficult season as a business owner, please know that you’re not alone! We hope you’ll find solidarity in Episode 39, and take away a few words of wisdom, since this isn’t our first time on the rollercoaster(and won’t be our last!).

{CBB 38} The Power of Everyday Self-Care

Episode 38: The Power of Everyday Self-Care | Creative Business Breakdown Podcast

When the topic of “self-care” comes up, things like pedicures and bubble baths usually come to mind. And while we love those indulgences from time to time, the most effective self-care is the kind that you can incorporate into your everyday routine.

In Episode 38 of the Creative Business Breakdown, we’re talking about how we’re practicing self-care on a regular basis in this season, and the effect that it’s having on both our personal and professional lives.


A whole roundup of self-care centered resources went out to members of the Music Therapy CEO Project on February 1st, and there’s still time to get those materials for yourself! Click here to learn more and reap the benefits of membership.