{CBB 41} We’re Hiring! + Celebrating Our Team

Episode 41: We're Hiring! + Celebrating Our Team | Creative Business Breakdown Podcast

We’re hiring! In case you haven’t heard, we are now accepting applications for a FULL-TIME music therapist position at our private practice, Music Therapy Connections. The submission deadline is April 1, so visit the link below to learn more and apply:

Application: Music Therapist Position

In Episode 41, we’re celebrating our team at MTC, and the many accomplishments they’ve achieved since joining us. We’re talking about how music therapy has grown in a community as a result of their work, and how our business has evolved, as well.


If you’re interested in our job opening and have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via email (info@musictherapyconnections.org) or via social media. Feel free to share with others who might be interested, as well!

{CBB 40} Is It Time to Hire An(other) Employee?

Is It Time to Hire An(other) Employee? | Creative Business Breakdown Podcast

One of the biggest challenges of owning a business is knowing if and when it’s time to hire an employee. As music therapy business owners, this is not an easy decision to make, especially if you’ve never hired an employee before.

We’ve learned so much with each hire, and are getting ready to go through the process once again — which is why we decided to tackle this challenging topic now. In this episode, we’re sharing some of the important questions you must answer every single time you consider hiring an employee.


And if you’re interested in learning more about our open FULL-TIME music therapist position, click here. We are accepting applications now through April 1.