CMTE Course: Setting Yourself Up for Success

Welcome to the second CMTE course in the Music Therapy Business Breakdown continuing education series. Follow the steps below to access the course materials and receive 3 CMTE credit hours.

  1. Download the course materials. This is a large file, and may take a while to complete the download process.
  2. Join the MTBB Facebook group to communicate with us and fellow participants throughout the course.
  3. After listening to each audio module, complete the included worksheets. These are not to be turned in; rather, they are for your own benefit as you move forward in your business.
  4. Complete and submit the post-test.
  5. Complete and submit the final evaluation.

And that’s it! Once you have completed all of the steps listed above, you will receive your course certificate. We welcome and encourage feedback, questions, and conversation in our Facebook group.

If at any point you experience technical difficulties, please let us know via email (