Episode 3 of the Creative Business Breakdown is all about working to find those things that make your business special and finding what works for you.  No two companies are identical and for creative business owners there aren’t any exact blueprints or manuals out there to tell you how to make it all work or how the pieces fit together.

Episode 3: Finding Your Creative Business Identity

Rachel and I have no formal business training to speak of and have spent a great deal of time over the past few years talking about what sets our business apart and makes us unique so that we can best create the business that works for us.

Our company feels so different from most traditional businesses. Not only do we have an online store that we are constantly creating new products for, we also provide services for individuals in our studio, as well as providing contract services to individuals in the community. There is an additional online educational component for other music therapists and entrepreneurs that we are working also continuing to grow through our blogging, podcasting, and upcoming continuing education opportunities. On top of ALL of that, we are part of the relatively young field of music therapy.

We’ve had to get creative in both the business and service side of things considering that music therapy is an innately creative field and we are creating our own business rule book as we go.   We’ve learned a few things along the way that we hope will help you in finding your creative business identity.

  • Find what feels good!  What story do you want to tell about your business?  What makes you happiest? How do you want to present yourself?
  • Be true to yourself. You cannot run any business but your own.  Make sure that what ever you are doing aligns with your vision for your company and isn’t trying to simply re-create what your see on your instagram feed.
  • Talk to every one! Get advice from others but put your own spin on it! Getting an outside perspective can be so helpful in determining what you want or identifying the questions you need to ask yourself.
  • Understand that there is a lot of trial and error.  We are always open to trying things we like and that we see work for other business owners BUT with the general understanding that if it isn’t the right fit, we can quickly move on to another solution that may work better
  • Take what you learn from others and from research, try it out, learn from your mistakes or successes, revise, and move on.
  • You have a different product and service than anyone else, even if they are in the same field or selling something very similar.  Determine what sets you apart.

Creative entrepreneurs tend to be idea people.  Rachel and I get so many wonderful ideas every day that we get so excited about but all while trying not to get carried away.  For us, it’s about loving what we do and finding what fits for us.  When things fail, we try not to take it to heart and instead either revisit our flops another time or revise what we are working on to make it fit with what we want.

Moving on can sometimes be difficult because we pour so much energy and heart into everything that we do, but understand that self worth is not defined by the success of business.   Find what works for you, having the ability to take a step back, and determining your business identity helps to inform everything you do.

Until next time,

-Katey & Rachel